Spray Tan

If the sun's rays aren't doing any of the work, what is making your skin appear tanner? The main ingredient in spray-tan formulas is DHA.  They react with your amino acids to give the illusion of a tan.

Should you moisturize before a spray tan?

Be careful with body lotion before your spray tan.  You want to avoid heavy body lotions on the day of your spray tan, as this can interfere with the tan development.  However, you should make sure that commonly dry areas, like your elbows, knees, hands, wrists, feet, and back of the heels, are well moisturized.

Should you remove body hair before a spray tan?

If you want to remove your body hair, you should do it prior to your appointment. If you wax, this should be done a full 24 hours prior.  This will ensure the hair follicles have settled and that you'll get a perfect finish. You should also exfoliate a few days before your spray tan.

What happens if you forgot to shave? You can shave right before and avoid using a shaving oil, as it can form a film on the skin and the tan won't penetrate properly.  Shave and then splash the skin with cold water to calm the skin.

Can you wear makeup or deodorant?

Before your spray tan, you should cleanse your skin of any makeup, fragrance, or product. This will help your spray tan apply in an even, flawless finish.

What should you wear to get a spray tan?

Sometimes product transfer occurs right after your spray tan is applied. To avoid this, wear dark clothes. Be sure they are loose to prevent straps or tight clothes from causing indentations or streaks in the tan.

How do you take care of a spray tan?

How quick you can shower after depends on what type of spray tan you have received.  Our tans allow you to shower in as soon as 4 hours, some need to stay on up to 12 hours.  You should also avoid sweating, getting wet, or applying body product. Another key is staying hydrated—that means drinking water and regularly moisturizing.  Happy, hydrated skin won’t shed and will hold onto the color for longer. Avoid hot showers and baths with oils as well as chlorinated water if you can.

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