The Mesostamp Infusion

Mesotherapy Microchanneling is the newest skincare enhancement available in the beauty industry right now. The Mesostamp is a small device that delivers our specialized serums and active ingredients by penetrating to deeper layers of the epidermis.  Sterile 24K Gold-plated titanium fine needles with a glass reservoir allows solutions to access deep into the epidermis through microscopic channels, with little to no irritation, maximizing absorption up to 100%!

How does Mesostamp Infusion work?

Serums and formulations can be decided on at the time of your consultation.  Our favorite combines Botox, a small amount of hyaluronic acid dermal filler, and Saline.  This effective mix will shrink the pores, instantly hydrate and plump the skin. A must before any event, and offers no downtime!  We can also formulate solutions that include vitamin c and pigment inhibitors for sun damaged and melasma prone clients.

Mesostamp Infusion Mesotherapy Microchanneling in Boise, Idaho

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